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Star Tic Tac Toe
Games > Board
Games > Strategy
Versions:  1.0
Platforms: iPhone OS 3.0

This is tic tac toe with a twist. It is played on 3x3 board with movable
pieces. The star pieces are special. The t
wo simple rules of the game turn it
to into a game of deep strategy and endless fun.

Objective is to get three of your pieces in row.

  1. On your turn, move one of your pieces into an empty spot or just
    SWAP the STARS instead to change the Game!
  2. White always plays first.

Strategy for winning

  • It helps to capture the center cell.
  • You should not miss any opportunity to "block" your opponent from
    completing a row by placing your pieces strategically.
  • Try to form a "fork" by placing a piece in such a way that you can
    potentially complete the row in two ways. In this case the opponent
    can block only one row and you win by completing the other row.
  • Do not block the opponents row with a star. Remember the stars can
    be swapped.
How to operate
- Drag the piece to play your move.
- Use
New button to start a new game at any time.
- Use
Undo or Redo buttons to undo/redo your moves.  
- Use
Action Replay button to view sequence of moves starting from the
first move. Use arrows to navigate sequence of moves.  
- In replay mode you won't be able to play any pieces. Use
Play From Here
in replay mode to start game from the current point.
- Use "info" button to read the rules. Use play button to resume game.

Q. How can I make computer play first?
A.  White always plays first. So choose black. You can not choose black and  
play first.

Q. Sometimes when I play a star piece, suddenly I get message "You
loose", why does that happen?
A.  As soon as you complete your move, your phone will make it's move,
which sometimes can be by swapping the stars. Your phone has a fast
processor so it sometimes plays rather quickly. If you want use action replay
to see the moves.

Q. Can I play with my friends?
A. Not yet.

Q. Isn't it true that there is no winning strategy for tic-tac-toe?
A. Although it is true for "normal" tic-tac-toe, the star tic-tac-toe is different
because it has moving pieces and special rules for stars. Some day we'll
prove the theorem that it is a winnable game. But for now trust us - we
have won it many times and we are sure if you play it more you will too.
And if you have the proof then send it our way. Sometimes we like to be
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